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Cracked broken car windshield_edited_edited.png

Nothing hurts your feelings more than driving down the road when a rock hits your windshield. Thankfully, Discount Mobile Glass performs windshield repairs on any rock chips smaller than the size of a quarter. A repair can shrink and seal a chip so well that it will keep it from spreading. This is a cost-effective alternative to replacing a windshield if the chip is small enough.

The process:

  1. The chip is drilled down the laminate (the layer between the glass) at the center of the impact point.

  2. A special repair tool is placed on the glass and pulls a vacuum on the chip, removing all air and moisture from the crack in the glass.

  3. High-strength resin is injected into the drilled area and is pressurized to completely fill the repair area.

  4. The tool is removed and the resin is cured with a UV light. This makes a repair completely dry and there is zero aftercare for the customer.

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