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Rock Chips

Let's be honest, nothing hurts your feelings more than cruising down the interstate listening to your favorite song and BAM! A rock comes skipping down the lane and right in to your windshield. The thoughts of how much you're going to have to spend on your fancy windshield come rolling through your head, but WAIT you remember that Discount Mobile Glass perform a windshield repair on any rock chip about the size of a Quarter or less. A repair can shrink and seal a chip so well that it will keep it from spreading indefinitely. This is a cost effective alternative to replacing a windshield if the chip is small enough, especially when the windshield has sensor and LDWS (a windshield that can cost around $1000).

About the process:

  1. The chip is drilled down the laminate (layer between the glass) at the center of the impact point

  2. A special repair tool is placed on glass and pulls a vacuum on the chip, removing all air and moisture from the crack in the glass

  3. High strength resin is injected in to the drilled area and is pressurized to completely fill the repair area

  4. The tool is removed and the resin is cured with a UV light. This makes a repair completely dry and there is zero aftercare for the customer

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