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What are ADAS Systems and why do I need mine calibrated?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are systems intended to help the driver in their driving activities. Technological solutions are many, like Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) or Collision Warning Systems (CWS).


When your ADAS equipped vehicle is worked on, from a simple tire change to a windshield replacement or bumper repair you MUST have your ADAS system recalibrated. When you don't recalibrate your front windshield camera after a glass replacement the camera will not be able to properly read road lane lines. One degree of variation can cause your collision warning system or adaptive cruise to be off by hundreds of feet. 

What are the differences between Static and Dynamic Calibrations 

Certain vehicles need certain kinds of calibration, either static and/or dynamic. Dynamic requires us to drive your vehicle a short distance down the road while the ADAS cameras read the lane lines and adjust. Static calibrations are down in our shop without moving the car/truck. During this, the cameras read targets that our ADAS technicians set up, while interfacing with the vehicles ECU. For a static calibration please back sure your tires are properly inflated and your gas tank full (if not your camera may read at the wrong angle, and make it nearly impossible to calibrate).

Manufactures designate what kind of calibration is required for each model and year. We are fully equipped to handle any calibration, just make sure to let us know your car is equipped with a lane departure warning system or a camera in the windshield.

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